July 28, 2023

Update from Our Scholar

Commitment to our community is one of Fulcrum’s four founding values. Since our inception, we have invested ten percent of net profits into the community each year. Lately, our focus has been on equity in educational opportunities. This issue has always been a major factor in social inequality, but the pandemic highlighted and exacerbated it. To help address this, we are contributing to the College Success Foundation (CSF), an organization dedicated to providing underserved, low-income students with the tools they need to finish high school, graduate from college, and succeed in life.

The report from Hawi Kadir, our scholarship recipient, on her freshman year at UW provides insight into the impact that CSF is having on students.


Your contribution has relieved the financial stress of my freshman year, enabling me to fully engage in college life and explore various opportunities. Thanks to your assistance, I participated in two business case competitions, joined campus groups, and discovered places where I felt a sense of belonging. I also found my Oromo group during UW Afro Caribbean Night, which was a transformative experience. I faced challenging classes and learned the importance of resilience and embracing new challenges. Now, I’m excited to enter my sophomore year with all my prerequisites completed. This summer, I plan to work full-time, save money, and participate in my Paragon One Beats by Dre consumer analytics externship while also enjoying some travel… I am determined to make the most of this opportunity. Thank you for believing in me.


We encourage you to check out CSF and read some of their inspiring success stories.

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