Who we serve

Achieve Financial Clarity

Individuals & Families

Amplify your assets

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate executive, researcher or engineer, doctor or professor, we’re here for you.

Each individual and family is unique – and it’s in your aspirations that we anchor our sights – to partner with you to realize your goals.

Together, we develop a holistic wealth management strategy that optimizes your investments, minimizes risk, and leaves a lasting legacy.

Nonprofits & Foundations

Enhance your efforts

We help foundations and nonprofits steward assets to maximize their potential to serve others.

With a deep understanding of fiduciary requirements, we partner with leadership and boards to help them achieve ambitious goals.

Serving as a trusted advisor, we guide clients toward growth with smart spending policies that strike the right balance between distributions and development.

Invest with intention

Is it important to you to make investments that align with your values? Is diversity in hiring or closing the gender wage gap a passion of yours? Are you most interested in investing in organizations with policies on human rights or climate change? We can help ensure your investment portfolio reflects what’s important to you and we don’t believe you need to accept lower returns to do that.

Solve Global Challenges

We screen companies based on their treatment of the environment, their employees, and their communities.

Make an Impact Locally

We advise local nonprofit organizations to help them maximize their impact on our community.

Focus on Outcomes

We search for investments that will provide strong returns, reduce risk, and benefit society at the same time.

How We Work

Get a personalized approach

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here. Instead, we build relationships based on trust and offer you our personal best.


At Fulcrum, you are our focus. Unlike big firms, we get to know you at a deep level to identify what needs to be done and anticipate your needs moving forward.


We help you make the important decisions that turn your goals into action-oriented strategies that safeguard and grow your wealth while reinforcing your values.

Lift off

Finally, we launch the plan into action. We adapt your plan as we go to address your life in motion and continue to focus on what matters most.