Wealth management


The power of a plan

You need a partner that will lift you up and deliver on your goals. Whether you’re planning for a growing family, a career change, retirement, divorce, the loss of a spouse, sale of a business, or ways to leave a legacy, we’re here for you.

Your wealth is our responsibility, and it starts with listening and developing a deep understanding of your financial situation, goals, and values. We collaborate with our clients and other trusted professional advisors on:

Financial planning

Explore various scenarios and design custom-crafted strategies that meet your objectives.

Tax planning

Drive efficiencies with your individual, partnership, and corporate taxes, working closely with your tax advisors.

Investment portfolio management

Create a customized portfolio with individual securities so you know what you own and can ensure your investments reflect your values. This also helps keep your costs down and avoid over-diversification.

Risk management

Conduct a risk assessment and insurance review to help determine the most appropriate coverage and premiums. If you need a referral to an insurance professional, we have many excellent partners.

Retirement planning

Develop a plan that focuses on your priorities and creates the income you need in retirement.

Legacy planning

Coordinate and implement comprehensive trust and estate plans together with your estate planning attorney.

Charitable giving

Identify your philanthropic objectives and advise on funding strategies as well as gifting plans.

Special projects

Assist with and coordinate consultants for special projects, including real estate transactions and purchase or sale of a business.