May 3, 2024


It’s time to GiveBIG! GiveBIG is a fundraising campaign across Washington to encourage businesses and individuals to invest in their communities through charitable contributions. This year, GiveBIG will culminate in a two-day giving event on May 7 and 8. To find out how you can participate, check out the GiveBIG website.


A commitment to the betterment of our community is one of Fulcrum’s values. Each year, we donate 10% of our profits to charity. A portion of that is allocated to the staff charitable committee, and they determine what charities to support with that allocation.

"Workplace giving matters to me because it reinforces the values shared by Fulcrum employees. Everyone has a voice to contribute to the positive impact of our community."

Recently, the team has determined that youth and food are the themes they want to focus on. According to Hans Krippaehne, who leads the team, GRuB is “at the intersection of several areas we feel are important, such as sustainable agriculture, land stewardship, healthy habits, and education about a wide range of food-related topics targeted toward many demographic” groups. The team has also chosen Treehouse, which provides support for children in foster care, as they believe that the development of our youth is vital to the future of our community. Check out the links to learn more about the important work these organizations are doing. And don’t forget to #GiveBIG!

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