Jeremy Williamson

Associate Advisor

“Good questions outrank easy answers.”

- Paul Samuelson

What inspires me
I’m inspired by the possibilities that are opened when people shift their mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance. I love seeing people learn to utilize their resources to lead more fulfilling and impactful lives. From creating a business that becomes vital to the fabric of a community, to starting an organization that works to solve society’s hardest problems, to building generational wealth, or even buying a first house, I love seeing great people flourish.


How I impact my clients
As an Associate Advisor, I utilize my deep experience in customer service to steer great client experiences at Fulcrum. As a proud generalist, I collaborate closely with the advisors, the investment team, and our service team to assure client’s needs are met in a manner that puts them at ease and helps them feel financially empowered.


On the weekends
On the weekends, I am usually exploring area restaurants and coffee shops, catching some live music, going on the occasional hike, cooking, and generally spending quality time with my wife and young daughter.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics, The Evergreen State College