Our focus is on growing wealth for our clients over time with few surprises.

We apply our extensive knowledge of capital markets, financial modeling, asset allocation and investing. Once we’ve created your investment strategy, we begin the meticulous work of constructing and managing your customized portfolio. Our focus on tax efficiency for private clients, combined with our disciplined methodology and low costs, allows us to deliver an investment solution that also controls risk through diversification and thoughtful rebalancing.

Our Process

The Power of Sustainable Growth

At Fulcrum, we use fundamental research to identify possible investments and then integrate non-financial factors into our decision making. Together with our trusted institutional partners, we have access to quality research and provide innovative approaches. We invest with intentionality and purpose, always focused on sustainable growth.

Our equity investment strategy screens for companies with fortress balance sheets, attractive business models, and strong leadership teams. We integrate environmental, social and governance factors which often expose potential business risk and reasons why we may or may not invest in a company.

Ecolab is an example of a solution story:

ecolabIn Las Vegas, money isn’t the most sought-after resource — water is. With nearby Lake Mead supplying 90%  of the city’s water, the Las Vegas Valley needed to find ways to conserve its most valuable commodity. The Southern Nevada Water Authority developed a ground water management program to protect and manage the valley’s water supply. As part of the program, they encourage sites with existing ground water wells to use specific allotments of this underground water to reduce strain on lake usage. Working with Ecolab, one premier resort hotel found an innovative new way to utilize and recycle water from the aquifer, cutting usage by over 57 million gallons in just four years.